What would be possible if you had a soft space to cultivate your next level of leadership while also centering your wellness?

It's the true distinction between leading like a Queen Bee versus a worker bee.

*Who would you become?

*What would you create?

*How would you lead?

If you envision having a turned on and fully-expressed life,

with the gap between heart & hustle bridged and

you're leading with energy, confidence and conviction,

you’re in the right place.


A Brand New Experience with Felicia Davis.

You will rediscover what it means to live, learn, and lead with unfettered intention.

You'll also learn how to leverage the 12 strengths of transformative leadership and how to use your signature strengths to stay CalmConfident, Joy-Filled and Present No Matter What.

Join me, Felicia Davis, for a science-backed, step-by-step journey to:

  • Brand Your Brilliance using my signature and proven, step-by-step process that has supported corporate executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, actors, entertainment leaders and so much more.
  • Place a priority on your well-being and create boundaries around the sustainability of your magic.
  • Amplify your performance, creativity and internal authority. 
  • Find an authentic, deep sense of self-worth.
  • Achieve lasting well-being in a disrupted world.

Your Journey to Well-Branded and Untethered Leadership...

Untethering is the heart of our community. 
We define Untethering as the mindset, energy and action of removing barriers that limit expansion, elevation and prosperity in order to reach your highest potential. Untethering requires us to look in the mirror, raise our consciousness and transcend beyond our limits. It involves intentionally creating space to press pause and explore how life has unfolded up until now and to contemplate how you would like to consciously shift and reshape elements of life going forward.

It's a real exploration of personal mastery.

It is from this place that we can heal, grow and become the best versions of ourselves.

We are committed to living and leading from a place of ease, grace and radical integrity.

This is Untethering.





Your wellness is the path to your wealth. Having integrity to your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being allows for vitality, peace, and energy to experience and be fully expressed in life.

Unlock the chains that prevent you from understanding the full value of your brilliance and how to be intentionally attuned to attract abundance, joy and freedom.

Who you commune with determines your path to success. The quality of your relationships, relatedness and intimacy also strengthens your sense of love, kinship & belonging.

"Felicia is professional, honest with her clients and her expertise is relevant and cutting edge. She has a proven track record of utilizing best in class tools for developing careers."

- Dr. Loretta Cheeks

"Felicia has been one of the most empathetic mentors and coaches with whom I have ever worked. She has challenged me and helped me actually see transformation at a critical, pivotal point in my life."

-Donna Marie Johnson


Accelerate your development with our strengths assessment.

You'll receive access to a modern strengths-based personality assessment, based on neuroscience and character science. It provides deep, personalized insights and offers suggestions to help you grow. This assessment also helps you understand not only what you do, but why you do it. You will..

-Uncover Your Path to Your Full Potential

-Understand Barriers to Excellence

-Actionable Development Suggestions for Balance

Results are reported in a memorable visual framework; get actionable insights in as little as 5–10 minutes. This neuroscience-based assessment will help you tap into the soul of what makes you unique in the marketplace. This is what will inform the theme of our monthly Untether Siestas.


As a member of The Queen Bee Leader's Circle, you will be part of a private network of Black women leaders on a collective mission to revolutionize leadership for Black Women. You'll have direct access to resources, information and new tools that will completely transform your experience of life as a female leader

Your Participation as a Member Will Activate You in Four Powerful Ways.


The monthly theme-based Untether Siestas are rich in purposeful play, connection and presence activities designed to enrich emotional health, mental resilience, and life performance.


A new BRAND CODING lesson will be released in the member portal on a biweekly basis. They include our proprietary and proven Brand Your Brilliance Program which has been carefully curated to solidify the foundation of your leadership brand.


One answer can change everything. One question. One idea. One reframe. One communal dialogue. One testimony. We won't know what your "one" is until you bring your burning questions to the table and allow me and your QueenCrew to support you in flushing out what best next steps could look like.


These bi-annual mini-challenges will keep you out of stagnation, in action and ensure you are fully activating your magic.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the biweekly Brand Coding lessons.


You're ready to stop compromising your feminine power, sacrificing your wellness power, and diminishing your earning power.

You're ready to reach a deeper level of your healing--addressing the impact of generational, societal and circumstantial traumas on your body and nervous system.

You want to do this inside a safe container and brave space for you to center and unpack your experiences with other Black women while activating your reverence, strengthening your leadership & developing your communication skills.

You yearn for clarity, focus, support, and community so that you can get back into alignment and out of overwhelm. 

You're ready to start placing a priority on your wellness, retire your hustle card, and keep yourself from becoming the bottleneck to your success.


  • You will confidently and unapologetically take up space
  • Your performance, creativity and internal authority will be amplified
  • You'll show up and share with certainty and conviction about what holds weight in your heart
  • You'll always place a priority on self-care and have boundaries around the sustainability of your magic.
  • You'll blend the feminine (heart) and masculine (head) sides of leadership designed to usher you into releasing habits you have outgrown and rooting you into your next bold move.
  • The potency of your magic will be amplified and others will start to take notice.

  • Your energy and wellness will be elevated creating a level of magnetism that allows everything you create to expand.

  • A leadership brand character assessment and comprehensive report
  • A wellness assessment that informs where you are on the wellness continuum and provides guidance for closing any unhealthy well-being leaks.
  • A monthly theme-based Untether Siesta infused with purposeful play and a devotion to mental acuity, attunement and detachment from repetitive behaviors that no longer serve you.
  • Access to Bi-weekly Brand Coding Lessons focused on upleveling your brand so that you become the obvious choice among your peers
  • Bi-Annual Untethered Leader Journeys to keep you out of stagnation and into action.
  • Soulful Sunday Mindfulness Audio: guided meditations to hardwire healing changes into your nervous system
  • Special Member Pricing for the 2024 Untethered Leader Retreat

21 Days of Untethering is rooted in self-care, self-expression, sovereignty, and sisterhood.

It's 21 days of contemplation and nourishment for your soul as a way for us to get acquainted before the official Queen Bee Circle Kick-Off Party on May 17th.

Allow yourself to be drawn closer to the truth of who you are and who you are meant to be during these 21 days.

Founding Member Investment

$20 per month*

*A One-Time $79 Enrollment Fee to cover Leadership Brand Character Assessment & Comprehensive Report


-You will be a part of the inaugural Circle of 50, which locks you in at this monthly rate for as long as you're a member.

-You'll receive a 30% discount on any other programs

-Invite two people to join, and your membership is FREE for as long as they are members. You must enroll in our Affiliate Partner Program to activate this perk.

If you decide to cancel your membership for any reason, we will always welcome you back, but your Circle of 50 perks will no longer apply .


In Her Words...

"You are a great coach and facilitator. This experience had a lot of depth and you made it enjoyable with your words of encouragement and support."

Professor, Career Strategist & Founder RL Sanders & Associates

"The value I received from the deep, thought-provoking worksheets helped to maneuver me from uncertainty to clarity. Joy, relief, clarity and renewed confidence are the rewards of this work and life-changing experience!"

HR Executive & Founder, Living Emerald Jayne

"Felicia is truly like a stroke of genius! She has been given the responsibility to pull women together and wake us up into being who we’re supposed to be as leaders. I’m grateful for her gift."

Artist, Author & Founder 
Blueprint for Womanhoo

FOUR Hospital Stays and TWO stress-induced strokes later, I finally said 'Hell No...No More!'

Hey Queen!

My name is Felicia Davis and I’m a former totally burned out HR Executive turned Author, Speaker and Brand Strategist. Thirteen years ago, I found myself being airlifted from one hospital to another because I was having my second stress-induced stroke. This was the pivotal moment that sparked my untethering. Leaders engage me when they’ve reached a career plateau and they’re ready to elevate their vision, amplify their voice and scale their visibility without burning out.

My years of in-the-trenches corporate experience has shown me that the best leaders are incurable learners with an insatiable appetite for ongoing development. They relentlessly pursue ways to stretch their mind, broaden their experience and improve their results and they are 100% unapologetic about taking time to rest, connect with those they love and to have experiences for the sake of having fun.


Because they want to free themselves from being overwhelmed, overworked and under-appreciated and they’re ready to develop a more effective leadership brand, more compelling communication skills and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity.

After spending more than two decades as a Human Resources Executive, it’s quite possible that I have personally experienced and worked with leaders with similar challenges as you. This experience, not theory, allows me to know intimately what you need to succeed at navigating the leadership landscape without compromising, code-switching or censoring. My commitment is a partnership that shields you from being the bottleneck to your success so that you can take your brand and your impact to the next level.

I’m so excited that I get to co-create magic with you!

You May Be Wondering...

How is this different than other memberships?

This is the only neuroscience based membership exclusively for Black women focused on Sovereignty, Self-Expression, Self-Care & Sustainability. We prioritize your wellness and well-being over everything and dismantle limiting beliefs and worker bee behavior.

How much time do I need to participate?

The experience is all about simplicity to ensure you are leading like a Queen instead of an overworked and overstretched worker bee.

You have a 20-minute Sovereignty & Self-Expression focused brand coding lesson released in your member portal every other week. This is self-paced so you tap in at a time that works best for you.

You have one 60-minute Self-Care focused Untether Siesta per month. The great value will happen when you attend live but the recording will be available for you within 24 hours.

You have one 60-minute Personal Sustainability focused transformational love seat coaching session per month. Send your questions in advance or bring them to the call to be workshopped by Felicia and your QueenCrew.

You have an Untethered Leader Journey twice a year. These challenges are designed to go deep on a timely and relevant topic to ensure you stay tapped in and activate your magic.

You can participate in the private group as much as you want! Past experience tells me that a lot magic will happen inside the group, so if you check in daily for 10-15 minutes, you should be able to give and receive great value!

Is the private group on Facebook? I'm exhausted by social media.

I know exactly how you feel which is why our virtual gathering space is NOT on Facebook! Our Queen Bee Sanctuary is hosted on Telegram and if you're not familiar with it, it's super simple to navigate

When do the calls take place?

-Untether Me Siestas | First Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm Pacific

-Transformational Q&A LoveSeat with Felicia  | Fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

-Brand Coding Lessons | Released twice a month in your member portal. They are self-paced and only 20-minutes long.

The average call will last 60–90 minutes, depending on how the conversation flows.


You can submit LoveSeat questions in advance. Recordings will be available within 24 hours.

What if I want to cancel?

You can opt out of your membership at any time (unless you took advantage of a pay-in-full offer). If you are considering canceling, we recommend that you commit to showing up for yourself for at least 3–6 months to begin to feel the effects of consistency, commitment, and honoring your yes. This work takes time, and once you cancel, you lose all access to everything - untether siesta, brand coding, communal dialogue, untether journeys, and the sanctuary. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Are You Ready to Become an Untethered Leader?

(and rediscover what it means to live and lead with unfettered intention)

Let's do this... one bold, elegant and stress-free move at a time.