June 26th - 29th

Become the boldprovocative leader who refuses to compromise her feminine power, sacrifice her wellness power, or diminish her earning power.

As a midlife Black woman, you didn't choose your current path to be stressed and overworked - so let's get you the peace of mind that comes with retiring your hustle card in exchange for leading from a sovereign place of personal power while making an impact and getting paid well!


“At the end of the day, you can focus on what’s tearing you apart or you can focus on what’s keeping you together.”­­​

African Proverb~



Because time is up for the constant cycle of feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and underappreciated.


During this three-day interactive event, I'll be sharing winning strategies that women at companies like SRP, Schwab, Take The Lead & RNDC have used to dial up their impact and influence - without changing who they are.


To Revolutionize the Way Black Women Lead

If you're a mid-life woman, or a woman whose identity is shifting as a result of life LIFE-ing, this experience was created specifically for you.

From June 13th - 16th, we're going on a soul-sourced leadership journey.

You'll join me in a virtual suite where you'll experience the ease, grace, elegance, and reclamation of your power.

This will be an experience that shifts the way you look at, relate to, and show up as a leader, FOREVER.

I say that with a confidence backed by the experience of witnessing hundreds of women like you be transformed through the leadership practices you’ll be introduced to inside UNTETHERED. 

Be prepared to experience...

3 live trainings designed to liberate your leadership,

3 integration tools to help you embody your biggest breakthroughs,

—my signature (and life-shifting) Code of Honor exercise.

After your participation in these 3 days — your relationship with your personal identity is going to be…different.

Not just the image that greets you in the mirror…

…it's much better, Queen!

You'll feel an attuned and alchemical S O V E R E I G N T Y that permeates your presence and entire relationship with your personal power.

"When I first started the program, I was frustrated, mentally exhausted, financially strained, feeling resentment, and feeling as if my life was in this repeated cycle of starting strong and finishing weak. Today I am free from fear of rejection and self-doubt. I am a woman with clarity and purpose, and I have regained my focus." 

— Tafeni E.

There will be a few surprise gems during our time together but…
here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect!

Part 1

Monday, June 26th 6pm Pacific

"An Untethered woman is an unstuck woman who refuses to place a lid on her magic with limited thinking.” -QueenFee

Beliefs, Blocks & Biases:

Root Into Your Ancestral Wisdom

Inner work is 99.9% of our success! YOU have a power within you that is far superior to any problem or circumstance. Expand your view of what is possible so that you can move past blocks of self-doubt, overwhelm, limiting beliefs, fear and frustrations.

The best and most divine version of YOU exists, but not without releasing patterns of thinking that continue to hold you back and keep you from fully embodying it.

We'll use ancestral wisdom to learn how to let go of unhealthy conditioning from society as it relates to your value and worth as a Black woman. 

Today is the day where you get to reset the table, get re-anchored into your power and experience a sense of complete liberation when you complete our signature Break the Chains exercise!

Part 2

Wednesday, June 28th 6pm Pacific

"Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” -Unknown

Wake Up Winning:

Return to Your Original Assignment

During Day 2 we’re going to answer two of the most important questions you should be asking on your leadership journey right now. 

  • What would be possible if you focused on your Vision instead of your circumstance?
  • What's your Big Why?

This is your initiation into an upleveled version of yourself. 

Viewing your life through the limited lens of who society says you should be and what you should do places a lid on your magic and leads you to believe you're not enough or question your worthiness.

This places you on a hedonic treadmill of unhealthy comparison and always feeling the need to prove. Day 2 of UNTETHER is going to shift and simplify that narrative and bring an unshakeable sense of peace, clarity and calmness to your nervous system. 

Part 3

Friday, June 30th 11am Pacific

"Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use It. Dwell in its possibility.” -Oprah

Lead Like a Queen Bee:

Say Goodbye to Good Girl Conditioning

Getting back to your original identity is going to completely blow your mind and bring a sense of peace to your nervous system when it comes to your personal agency and power. 

Now it's time to fully step into your sovereignty. This is your ultimate place of power, but you'll need to first get clear on the 3 stories of influence that all leaders must be able to tell. When you learn to not only tell these stories but also embody them, the potency of your magic will be amplified... without having to work harder to make it happen.

During Day 3, we’ll explore your relationship with power and how it's impacting the way you show up as a leader. You'll also learn my DEVOTED & CODED process for staying anchored and committed to this work. This is an absolute must if you want to lead like a Queen Bee and leave the worker bee behind.

You’ll go from being guided by outdated and patriarchal power OVER to owning your power TO detach from a worker bee mindset so that you can lead like the Queen that you are. You'll leave Day 3 with a visceral understanding of how to harness your leadership as the PULSE of your prosperity. 

In her own words...

"The value I received from the deep, thought-provoking worksheets helped to maneuver me from uncertainty to clarity. Joy, relief, clarity and renewed confidence are the rewards of this work and life-changing experience!"

- Patrice Clark

Corporate HR Executive

Founder - Living Emerald Jayne

"Felicia is truly like a stroke of genius! She has been given the responsibility to pull women together and wake us up into being who we’re supposed to be as leaders. I’m grateful for her gift."

- Fatimah Halim

Artist, Author & Founder

Blueprint for Womanhood

"You are a great coach and facilitator. This experience was accelerated, but it had a lot of depth and you made it enjoyable with your words of encouragement and support."

- Dr. Randee Sanders

Professor, Career Strategist

Founder - R.L. Sanders & Associates

Hey Queen!

My name is Felicia and I help women just like you brand their brilliance and dial up their influence by bridging the gap between heart and hustle.

When I gave up my career as an HR executive in 2011, I felt paralyzed by the possibilities in front of me. For so long, my identity, meaning and purpose was tethered to a title and here I was at home for the first time, trying to navigate my life on the other side of two serious brain injuries.

I felt so lost. But I finally realized that my magic wasn’t limited to a corporate identity, a fancy title or a six-figure paycheck and I promised myself that when I found my way out of the wilderness, I'd share my story of the amazing tools that reignited the FIRE inside of me!

I became a certified Executive Coach and now instead of hustling hard in an way that no longer serves me, I spend my days mentoring and coaching women to lead like a Queen Bee instead of a worker bee so that they can live their BEST, FULLY EXPRESSED & UNTETHERED LIVES.

You are an amazing and unrepeatable force to be reckoned with! I'm excited to help you anchor in WHO you are so that you can lead like the Queen that you are!

it's time to lead like a Queen.

These three days together will be an experience you remember for the rest of your life.

Untethered represents a turning point, and the recoding of your inner blueprint so that you know what it feels like to become the proprietor of your personal power. 

You’ll leave our time together with a renewed sense of confidence to sit boldly in the seat of your sovereignty – and fresh inspiration to weave more pleasure and freedom into your life.

And, some clear, actionable steps to start making your vision happen.

To join us for this complimentary 3-Day experience, enter your information below and you'll receive a welcome email with all the details you need to prepare for our time together! 

JUNE 26TH - 30TH

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Sovereignty, Self-Expression & Self-Care!

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